The ProFusion Flash Diffuser was developed to meet a need in the photography field for a portable flash diffuser that not only produced pleasing light in challenging lighting scenarios, but also consistently produced enough light for proper exposure.  Seasoned photographers will attest to the fact that most flash diffusers can do one or the other, but not both well.  Because photographers have not yet been able to find a flash diffuser that produced proper exposure while still capable of diffusing the light, many pros have opted to give up on portable flash diffusion altogether.

The ProFusion was developed with these pros in mind, and was designed to solve this dilemma.  

The ProFusion Flash Diffuser affords unparalleled versatility with four separate hinges that allow complete control over intensity and direction of light.  Complete adjustability, which equates to efficiently using the light present in the average speedlight, is the key to overcoming the limitations of current diffusers.

Physics, not marketing hype

Some flash diffuser manufacturers boast claims that their products perform better than large studio based soft boxes.  Sadly, many consumers believe this without asking themselves why studio photographers don't then exclusively use flash diffusers instead of large and bulky soft boxes.

ProFusion makes no such claim about our flash diffuser, as this claim defies the involved physics and is clearly marketing hype (and a bit insulting).  Rather, we attest to the fact that no flash diffuser on the market delivers the same versatility, predictability, and efficiency of energy as the ProFusion flash diffuser.  We are so confident that you will see a dramatic difference in the quality of your light that we offer a "no questions asked" refund of your purchase price.  

Through the intense study of light, we have developed a flash diffuser that produces soft and predictable light in any lighting scenario.  Utilizing multiple bounce diffusion, along with fully adjustable and dimpled bounce surfaces, the ProFusion delivers pleasing and predictable light on demand.  But no, it's not better than a 39" Elinchrom soft box.